Creative, lively and vibrant only starts to describe Boomtown Frankfurt. With Frankfurt’s cultural diversity, it is easy to forget that it is the stronghold of German business. Welcome to the playground of Success Block – the perfect place to combine African spirit, Mexican colorfulness, Dutch design, British glamour, Spanish hand gestures, German “always-on-time and precise methodology,” French panache, American can-do attitude, and Russian warmth together into one creative idea shop. We like to think about the next big thing that changes the world for our clients. Our door is always open to welcome your needs regardless if it’s a cultural, strategic, creative, or a business challenge. Let’s ignite something together.

Delivering result-oriented brand marketing programs, influencer campaigns, and public relations that enhance our clients’ awareness, while improving their sales and foster their growth. We’re ready to start right now.

We’re a team full of Crypto-Ethusiasts, Geeks, and Marketing Nerds

About the company

Many years ago, Success Block was founded by a team of three people around a single client. Those three founders are still at the very heart of our business.

Today, Success Block is a thriving network of over 340 influencers & dedicated individuals in 24 locations across the globe.

We deliver a multitude of fully integrated specialisms within creativity, consulting, and a lot of knowledge about the crypto market to very progressive clients around the world.

Web Marketing Rockstars

Online & ICO Marketing 95%
Brand development 100%
Crypto & Blockchain Experts 80%
Customer focus 92%

The executive board

Success Block attracts certain unique individuals. We’re friendly. We care about the work we do, and we’re proud to have our names attached to the results. We geek out over technology, but we know that people are usually the source of success. We like to have fun, but know there is nothing more fun than dominant campaign results. We treat the whole world like a small town, and we welcome you in as a client, employee or curious traveler.

Mario Müller

Managing Director | Born 1970 in Bremen

has been part of Success Block since 2016, and as one of the founders of the agency, he has been an important backbone since the beginning. In addition to the significance of the digital transformation for business and media, the Director and communication designer is also dedicated to the task of digital marketing in connected commerce.

In addition to his work at Success Block, Mario Müller is the first chairman of the industry association "bremen digitalmedia" and is involved in the promotion of young talent in the field of Blockchain & Crypto Start-Ups. He is a father of two, a marketing master and an ambitious tennis player.

Mike Barton

Managing Director | Born 1973 in Frankfurt

Mike Barton is also a founding member of Success Block. In his function as Managing Director he is responsible for the areas in Consulting & Social Media.

The graduate economist and computer scientist is dedicated to the links between online and offline and creates intelligent complete solutions in the field of social media. He's a dog lover, vintage collector and also a father to two children.

Thanks to the experience that Mike Barton has gained as a project manager, consultant and management consultant, he is able to combine forward-looking ideas with the requirements of companies and their customers.

Evelyn Schwarz

Member of the Management Board | Born 1965 in Bensheim

Evelyn Schwarz has also been a founding member of Success Block since 2016 and is responsible for Corporate Services, New Media & Blockchain expert as Member of the Management Board.

The graduate in English and political science, she took on various leadership positions at Success Block, got to know all processes across all departments and from this drives forward internal process optimization. She loves Cats, Books and Traveling around the globe.

Currently, she takes care of the use of new media and platforms and takes care of the optimization of internal processes. Thanks to her many years of experience as project manager, director of content management and projects & operations, Evelyn Schwarz designs innovative ideas for organizational development for our agency.

Marcus Person

Managing Director | Born 1972 in Hannover

Marcus Person has been part of Success Block since 2017 and, as Managing Director, is responsible for Content Management, Influencer Relations & Human Resources.

The graduate in marketing and sales economist places the digital transformation in the big connected-commerce context and always creates new connections to great personalities and influential influencers around the globe.

With years of experience as a sales manager, marketing and sales manager, Marcus Person shows customer-centered new ways in blockchain business and always offers new opportunities to our customers. He volunteers in the Golf Club and is himself a passionate golf player. Otherwise, he loves sports and loves cycling or swimming.