Businesses today try to keep up with the rapid changes in Marketing. These include entering the Digital Marketing World. Marketers also come up up with a lot of ideas to launch marketing campaigns effectively. Businesses understand the several benefits of Modern Marketing today to widen out the reach, increasing the potential customers and sales. The reason why they don’t hesitate in spending dollars on marketing ads or campaigns.

On October 13, 2017, eMarketers released news on Worldwide Ads Spending. The news forecasted that Digital channels will overtake traditional mediums by 2021.

Accordingly, Spending on paid media worldwide will increase by 7.0% in 2017 to $584.14 billion. Growth is largely on pace with eMarketer’s previous forecast, with investments in mobile advertising driving these increases. This year, mobile will account for 24.4% of total ad expenditures.

The report says that China will remain one of the largest contributors to global advertising growth, largely due to advertisers there investing more toward mobile. Total ad spends will climb 14.7% in the country this year to $84.54 billion. To compare, China’s mobile ad market alone is now larger than Latin America’s total ad spend.

Accordingly, the US, China, Japan, the UK, and Germany will continue to be the top five ad markets throughout the forecast period. The US will rank first with $205.06 billion in paid media outlays this year. By 2018, China’s ad spend will surpass that of Japan, the UK and Germany combined.

Ad spending growth will hover between 4.9% and 8.3% each year of the forecast. Investments in mobile, especially in regions where mobile is the point of entry for internet access, is fueling this increase. Asia-Pacific—notably China—will see the fastest total ad spend growth of any region, rising 11.5% this year. Latin America will be close behind, with ad outlays climbing 10.0%.

The report added that digital ad spending worldwide will grow slightly faster than expected, jumping 19.1% this year to $228.44 billion. Digital will continue to exhibit robust growth, expanding from 39.1% of total media ad spend in 2017 to 49.6% by 2021.

Accordingly, Digital’s growth is primarily due to advertiser’s high interest in mobile ad formats. Growing competition for mobile ad space has led to climbing prices. This year, mobile ad spending worldwide will total $142.78 billion, up 33.6% from 2016. This will represent nearly one-quarter of total media ad spending.


With a lot more business starting to market their products or services through Digital Marketing Ads, It won’t be hard to believe that Global Ads Spending will still increase. It is important that each Business must plan wisely on how to Allocate their Marketing Budgets. Also, think on Which Marketing Strategies & Tactics would produce Best Results? Making sure of these things will help you spend your Marketing dollars wisely and accurately.