Louis Sebastian Theroux is a British documentary filmmaker and broadcaster. He is best known for his documentary series, including Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends, When Louis Met…, and his BBC Two specials. His career started in journalism, and it bears the influences of notable writers in his family, such as his father Paul and his brother Marcel. The BBC has produced all of his documentaries and television series. He has received two British Academy Television Awards and a Royal Television Society Television Award for his work.

While Theroux, is famous for his Weird Weekend documentary series and interviews with the likes of Jimmy Savile, he has never made marketing the focus of one of his exposés. He said the closest thing he’s done was a documentary about casinos in Las Vegas.

Louis Theroux headlines the Festival. He was one of the speakers in the two days Festival of Marketing 2018 Event held on October 10 and 11. He shares his career learnings with delegates at this year’s Festival of Marketing. In his headline speech at the Festival of Marketing in the 10th day of October, he said:

“There’s an aspect of marketing that I do find interesting that hinges on that combination of seduction and sales, which I don’t think is antagonistic in itself. There’s much about marketing to enjoy.”

He referred a piece by American author John Updike in which he compared advertisers to the people who carved gargoyles on medieval churches.

“It was the idea that what might look from the outside as something that is anonymous and mercenary is actually an unacknowledged art form.”

In order to build closer relationships with consumers, Louis Theroux also advised marketers to create compelling narratives, which he says is about finding a connection.

Well, is Marketing an art? If so, How?
Here is some reason why we can consider Marketing as an Art.

Marketing is an art. It is a substantial body of rules or principles of buying, selling, financing, transport, storage, and standardization, etc.

Marketing is creative.

Creativity is needed in Marketing to differentiate one’s message, grab people’s attention and effectively reach the various audiences that are being targeted.

Marketing is imaginative.

Theodore Levitt says the marketing imagination is different from other types of imagination because it uses unique insights to understand customers and their problems. In his book The Marketing Imagination, Levitt says that “by asserting that people don’t buy things but buy solutions to problems, the marketing imagination makes an inspired leap from the obvious to the meaningful.” Recall Charles Revson’s famous line: In the factory we make cosmetics. In the store we sell hope.

Marketing is a form of expression.

Self-expression is a very important part of modern marketing. Today, whatever you are selling, a product or a service, your brand needs a personality. People in the world today want to relate to a brand. So Brands need to generate relatable content and positioning themselves with personality.
Marketing can be any form. But, one thing is for sure, it is essential to the success of one’s business.